Network version

Network version function expansion

The network version of the intelligent key management system includes all the functions of the stand-alone version and has cloud settings, control, query, and storage control functions.

Regardless of the location and quantity of the cabinets, the network version key management system can be controlled uniformly.

Reservation function: The key could be reserved in advance on the mobile phone/Web.

Application function: temporary visitors could register a temporary account to use a certain key at a cetain time.

Approval function: Approve the temperary user's application.

Remote key returned: system can be controlled remotely so that the key could be returned by others .

Real-time data: Anormal message, alarms and records could be checked at any time on your mobile phone/web.

Message: Messages can sent to any users.

Enjoy more functions ,please try it by yourslef.

Standalone vision

Industrial computer stand-alone version UI operation process

All settings, data, and control of the stand-alone version of the intelligent key management system are implemented on the local industrial computer.

Login functions: account password login, ID card login, fingerprint login, and face recognition login could be set freely.

Setting functions: key cabinet setting, key setting, user setting, multi-authentication setting,authority setting, reason setting for taking the key, and basic parameter setting.

Query functions: all retrieval records, illegal operation records, and operation logs.